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Open Text (my employer) is considering mounting a corporate blog - entirely appropriate for a company that has sold collaborative software applications for many years. I'm somewhat involved in this initiative, so I've been doing a bit of research. This article from CMO Magazine is one of the better and more recent ones:

Blog to the Future - Editorial - CMO Magazine

I particluarly liked the overview of the types of employee run blogs at Sun. There are three types described:

1. One group of these blogs is tied directly to existing Sun products
2. A second category of employee blogging is not about current products but, among other things, the R&D paths under way at Sun
3. Many of the rest of the employee blogs are on subjects of general interest—albeit to a technical audience

And the paragraph on how a collaborative software vendor used blogs:

Near-Time Flow, a collaboration software maker, used blogs to identify opinion leaders in knowledge management, distributed advance copies of a new product to those leaders and was able to use the comments that appeared in their blogs in its marketing campaigns. Prominent blogs are also a candidate for advertising buys (as in Andrew Sullivan's blog).

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