A Tale of Two Knights – Part 1

I haven’t written about this before and it is still an ongoing story, but it may be of interest. I’ll weakly disguise the names of the parties to protect the innocent … and to make a pretense of keeping proprietary information.
“Once upon a time, there was a Land of Pharmaceutical Regulatory Compliance where the good Citizens labored to meet the demands of the Federal Directorate Administration. The FDA had decreed to those good Citizens of the Land that they should document all matters of importance in great detail – which they did. But to ensure that the Citizens did as they were bade, the FDA required of the citizens that they should send their document for review, or at least keep them very carefully until an FDA Sheriff should come and perform an on-site inspection and ask to see some manner of obscure but nonetheless required document.
Although the good citizens labored hard, their lives became increasingly difficult as more and more documents were penned, and as the Sheriffs demanded ever more detailed evidence that a given document was the very latest, authoritative version and not some copy or horrors, even an outdated or altered copy.
And so it was, that one day, into the fair Land came two heroes, one being the newly knighted Sir D’dumb and the other gallant Sir O’desta. Each of these good knights promised to help the faithful Citizens of the Land – not as you might think by slaying the FDA as if it was a dragon, for though it was demanding, the FDA had the ultimate good in mind. Rather the knights offered to provide to the citizens some mighty software tools and other devices for the management of documents. But each knight offered something different and the Citizens had need of only one. So after much debate and discussion among them, it was resolved to hold a Tournament to determine which knight’s offering would be selected.
The two knights strove mightily, but at the end it was decided by the closest of margins that Sir D’dumb had carried the day. And so it was that Sir O’desta quit the field and rode off to seek his fortunes elsewhere and Sir D’dumb was hailed by all.
Over time, while Sir D’dumb’s offering was used by many, it was found to be quite demanding, requiring much honing before first use, and frequent polishing to keep its shine. These efforts required that many of the Citizens apprentice in Maintenance and Administration, and yet still there was much work for traveling craftsmen of the Consultancy Guild. But the Citizens did not much complain since their lot in life was improved and there was naught else to be had.
But what of the good knight Sir O’desta you ask? Well, he traveled near and far, and over time was befriended by Sir O’Text. And so it was when Sir O’desta decided it was time to retire, he bequeathed all his worldly goods to Sir O’Text who was enriched thereby – which was fortunate indeed for Sir O’Text had many tournaments with the likes of Sir Scrapernet and Sir Whistlingbird.
Beside his great strength in arms, Sir O’Text was also adept in the study of Arts and various Magicks, becoming knowledgeable in the Ways of the Wise Web and the ceremonies of Collaboration.
As time passed, disturbing tales began to reach Sir O’Text’s ears of the increasing labors of the good Citizens of the Land so he rode forth to see if these tales were true. On reaching the Land, some Citizens came forth and told him that though they still used Sir D’dumb’s offering, it pained them and they sought relief. But many other Citizens would hear naught said against Sir D’dumb, for they claimed he had helped them much and indeed still ensured that they had good and steady employ. But as with the way of children all over, the young Citizens sought something new and better and they were much heartened to hear what Sir O’Text had to offer and many subsequently started to use it.
At first Sir D’dumb did little, for in truth over the years he had put on a few pounds and become complacent, saying: “My offering is the one and only true document management offering, and all else fails in comparison.” But after a while he began to become concerned and soon resolved to become wise in the ways of collaboration, purchasing at great expense a special Room of Ease, but alas this did little to help because when he was in the Room he had little connection with the doings of document management. So after a while he resolved to form a powerful alliance and soon pledged his allegiance to the Earl of McVault who had made his wealth in vaults and other stores.
Meanwhile Sir O’Text continued to find followers in the Land and was joined in his efforts Sir Xos."

…to be continued