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Loving Easeus Partition Mgr after ignoring IT. Now I have space on C: again! No more dire warnings of full drive


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Profits 2.0

Having lived through the craziness of the dot com boom and bust as the CEO of a venture-backed start-up (Base4) this video commentary on the Web 2.o Conference really sounded like deja vu. It was all about grabbing market share in those days, at any cost, and it seems much the same again, albeit with the variant, 'We've got market share so we'll be able to make money at some point.'

Mobile GPS Phones to Track Traffic

In the third world more people have mobile phones than landlines or TVs - so mobile replaces fixed infrastructure, or more accurately, makes it unnecessary to ever build. In the same vein, I was taken by this UC Berkley experiment to use the GPS functions of phones in cars to measure traffic patterns.
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Posted comment about Yammer vs. Livelink and within less than one hour I get a notice from Google that a new page has been found with my watched term 'Livelink' - my Blogger page!
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