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Crabby Lady

Customer help with a wrinkle, and a wink? That's 'The Crabby Office Lady' from Microsoft. Here's a sample:

'Let's get right to it: To clear up any preconceived notions you may have about the author of the Crabby Office Lady columns:
� I am not a man (at least last time I checked).
� I am not a group of writers.
� I don't believe that the character of Crabby is offensive to women, to persons of a certain age, or to crabs.
There, I've said it. And frankly, that's a load off my chest. Because, you see, I've received more than a few e-mails and pieces of feedback insisting that I personify one or more of the above, and it's about time to set the record straight. So, who am I? Why a 'crabby' office lady? What do our customers think? And finally, why would the world's leading software company with a reputation to uphold (you can stop your snickering now) let a fictionalized character (of all things) talk to its customers in a way, well, in a way that I sometimes do?'

I like the part about not snickering about upholding the reputation of the world's leading software company!

Crabby is a MS columnist (actually Annik Stahl) who writes about and answers questions on MS Office topics. She has written around 100 columns, and recorded 10 videos. Take a peak at the video on 'The Out of Office Assistant' for a good sample.

It a fun way to connect with users that seems to have developed a following. And yes, even Crabby allows RSS notification of her new postings!"


Web Fads!

I remember the Hampsterdance (unfortunately), All your Base are Belong, Dancing Baby and (that poor) Star Wars Kid as fads. Friendster and Blogger, and to some extent Jibjab, are commercial sites - some people made money off these ones. Mahir, Ellen Feiss and Hot or Not seem to have passed me by.

What am I talking about? The list of 'Top 10 Web Fads' on C-Net. Good for a few minutes distraction on a Monday morning before you put your head down.