Second Oatcake Experiment

In my quest for the Lancashire oatcakes of my childhood, next I tested my theory that maybe they were based on fried porridge. So:
· 2 ¼ cup milled ‘quick’ oats
· 1 cup cold water
· A pinch of salt
· Brought to a boil, stirred until porridge-like consistency was reached and allowed to cool somewhat
· 1 tsp baking powder added and mixed in
· Cooked with a little oil in a non-stick frying pan

The result with the first one was certainly more to the grey side, but had trouble sticking together - presumably the released gluten from wheat flour really helps to hold pancakes together, which is why oatmeal pancake recipes always seem to have at least 1/3rd flour to oatmeal. Eggs can also help, so I mixed in an egg to the remaining batter, and cooked another. The result was a little more cohesive but noticeably more yellow. For the third I watered down the batter to make it run more. Here are the results:

The largest at the bottom is the first, the one on the left the second and the third on the right. As for taste, well... not bad but not worth repeating.

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  1. I must admit, Martin, those aren't the prettiest things I've ever seen. I'm sure Lindy had some (ahem) interesting comments about these particular attempts.

    Will I be home for Attempt #3? Or perhaps #4?