Of Wheelchairs and Geese

Driving back from the airport on Monday night, I heard a repeated splatter sound as bugs hit the windshield of my car in the dark; I reflected on how long it had taken these insects to grow and metamorphose, only to be smashed in an instant as I headed home in two tons of steel, glass and plastic. Fortunately the Canada geese that suddenly appeared in my headlights decided to stay where they were as I flashed by. It made me think back to the morning when a man in an electric wheelchair came racing down the hotel hallway to enter the same elevator as me. On the ground floor he neatly reversed out of the elevator, using the back wall mirror to see behind him, raced through the hallway and came to a fast halt at the restaurant. And also to the shuttle bus driver whipping around to pick up passengers, but when he climbed out of the bus he had trouble walking because he was grossly obese.

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