Courtyard Updates

A key feature of our new house is a large central courtyard (posted earlier). It gives us an outdoors, tropical feel even in the middle of a very cold Canadian winter. We have now started to decorate the courtyard.

When Lindy and I were first married we had a large wall hanging made from a Marimekko printed fabric from Finland – at the time, the 1970’s, it was in fashionable colours of brown and gold. We hung it on our walls as we moved several times, and then it graduated to be cushion covers before ultimately being discarded. When it came time to decorate the new courtyard Lindy suggested Marimekko again. Courtesy of Google, we found a nearby supplier in Toronto: Finnish Place. Ten days ago we visited the store and found a couple of really good matches of colour and theme. After mounting on stretchers, here are the results:

Courtyard Hangings - Marimekko... Posted by Hello

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