My old blog

My old blog - soon to go...

I recently change from editing HTML to using Blogger to author my weblog. At first I still had the site hosted by my ISP – Rogers Canada – that also provides our house cable service, including digital movies, as well as service for our four cell phones. I’ve had no end of problems with Rogers over the years, and they provide some of the worst service I have ever experienced from a company.

From a dispassionate marketing professional’s (something I am nowadays) view I can see a lot that they do wrong. While primarily an infrastructure provider, they originally teamed up with @Home to provide value-added services. When @Home flopped, they decided to offer comparable services – they promised a lot but delivered a much less and that at a much slower pace that they said. Obviously it was harder and more expensive than they thought. Now they have teamed with Yahoo in Canada, and are switching their users over to Yahoo for services. But again they promise things that they are not delivering and now are moving to shut off the remaining services they offered – like web hosting. I blew my top a few days ago and transferred this site to hosting by Blogger as well.

Meanwhile I’m investigating what options I have to get out from this ill-deserving, virtual monopoly.


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