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I've had fun reading my daughter's weblog, Spontaneous Things, but whenever I mention that I've just read something or comment on what I read she feels uncomfortable. Hmmm.... Lots of anonymous people on the Internet can read it, but when Karina's father reads it she's uncomfortable. And she says that other web bloggers understand how she feels. There's nothing like personal experience, so here goes...While that’s certainly one of the reasons I thought I give this online journal ‘thing’ a try, there are others that may emerge on these pages in the future…
What to talk about he muses… Well, being half-a-century old (“But only just,” he feels compelled to add) certainly gives plenty of historical fodder: things I’ve done, professions I’ve had (more than one), things I’ve seen, relationships, and so on. Not to mention thoughts of the Future, of which I personally will undoubtedly have less of than I've already had of the Past.
So who is this guy (or bloke - note subtle reference to English birth)? I could be lazy and simply say “Google me’” by clicking this link. In looking at the results right now there are 129 hits – what a grab bag of my Past and a little of my Present. None of my Future though of course; what a scary thought that is: Imagine going to www.futuregoogle.com, searching on your name and seeing things that you will do that will make it on the web. But I digress. I’m very happily married, have two great children (including the aforementioned Karina), and live in Palgrave, Ontario, Canada. I’m a molecular biologist by training (Ph.D. University of Toronto, 1982, Postdoc Yale to 1984), spent many years in biotechnology with a company called Allelix (subsequently acquired by NPS). In 1996 I founded a bioinformatics company called Base4, which was ultimately acquired by Open Text, my current employer.
But enough for now; let’s see where this goes over time…

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